Arthur Gourounlian

  • Anea Gashihas quoted3 months ago
    if Mum saw a woman with a young baby who was pregnant again, she’d say she ‘got caught’.

    This made me chuckle

  • Anea Gashihas quoted3 months ago
    She didn’t purposely hide her pregnancies,
  • Anea Gashihas quoted3 months ago
    We were never blessed again

    I love her sm

  • zainalha903has quoted3 months ago
    Writing this book, the two of us have explored our individual pasts as well as our life together and let us just say, it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Looking back on the night we first met – two young gay men in their twenties living in London and having the craic – we never could have imagined we’d now be living in Ireland and raising our amazing daughter together.

    But all of that didn’t come without a fight – a fight to discover who we are as individuals; who we could become as partners; the struggle to be taken seriously in our careers; the rigmarole we’d have to go through just to get married and to later have the child we so desperately wanted. We even had to fight at times for survival.
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