Sarah Wallace

Sarah Wallace is a Florida-based YA author. She aims to write sweet, cosy, and magical queer romances. She is currently working on a series of Regency-period stories, Meddle & Mend.

Meddle & Mend series, which will encompass eight books, explores these themes within a historical fantasy setting. Her latest book is Breeze Spells and Bridegrooms (Fae & Human Relations: A Regency Fantasy), co-authored with S.O. Callahan in 2024. This novel continues the series' blend of historical and fantasy elements.

Set in London, where both fae and humans coexist, it follows Roger Barnes, a human, proposing a new system for magical assessment to the Council. Despite disagreements with Wyndham Wrenwhistle, he collaborates with him. In the midst of societal pressures and rumors, they become entangled in a false relationship. The book intertwines their journey with broader societal challenges, emphasizing the need for cooperation beyond magic to address long-standing crises.

Wallace's other works in the series include Letters to Half Moon Street, One Good Turn, The Education of Pip, and Dear Bartleby.

Photo credit: sarahwallacewriter.com
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