Paige Maylott

Paige Maylott is a Canadian novelist, gamer, and fan of alternate realities. She is the author of My Body is Distant (2023), a memoir about her experience in the online gaming world and how it helped her process her gender identity as well as get through cancer treatment.

Paige Maylott was born in rural Ontario in 1985. She earned a Bachelor of Honours in English and Cultural Studies with a Classics Minor, focusing on English Language and Literature at McMaster University. She also holds an MA in English and Cultural Studies.

As a higher education accessibility specialist, Maylott strives to create inclusive environments. Currently, she serves as the Accessibility Projects Support Coordinator at McMaster University. In 2021, she was honored with the Hamilton Arts & Letters Award for Creative Non-Fiction.

Her debut memoir, My Body is Distant (2023), is a poignant exploration of her trans coming-out story and the challenges of battling Stage 3 cancer. The memoir skillfully navigates the intersections of identity, self-discovery, and virtual realms, offering readers an intimate look into her life.

My Body is Distant takes readers on a non-chronological journey, beginning in rural Ontario in 1985. Maylott escapes schoolyard bullying by immersing herself in the digital world of Zork on the school’s Commodore 64. The narrative consciously centers on other trans individuals while navigating themes of escapism, love, and self-acceptance.

It has received acclaim from CBC Books, Publisher’s Weekly, Open Book, Whistler Writers Festival, and more.

Paige Maylott resides in Hamilton, Ontario.

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