Teresa Dovalpage

Teresa Dovalpage is a Cuban-born author and professor who has written fiction, short stories, and plays in English and Spanish. She has published thirteen novels and four collections of short stories and is most known for her Havana Mystery series.

Teresa Dovalpage was born in Havana in 1966. She holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature from the University of New Mexico. She moved to the United States in 1996.

Her literary journey began long before her latest success, with early novels such as A Girl Like Che Guevara (2004) and Habanera, a Portrait of a Cuban Family (2010), which provided poignant insights into Cuban life and identity. Her works in Spanish, including the acclaimed El difunto Fidel (2010), which won the Rincon de la Victoria Award, further attest to her versatility and depth as a writer.

In 2018, she began the Havana Mystery series with Death Comes in Through the Kitchen, a mystery novel that offers a taste of authentic Cuban cuisine. This series continued with Queen of Bones in 2019, acclaimed by NBC News, and further installments that delve into the shadows of fame and the complexities of human relationships aboard cruise ships.

Dovalpage expanded her Havana Mystery series with Last Seen in Havana, a sequel to Death under the Perseids that explored family bonds over generations. In this novel, Dovalpage demonstrates her ability to weave strong emotional threads and her mastery of mystery and suspense.

She has also ventured into the world of short stories and theater, presenting collections like The Astral Plane, Stories of Cuba, the Southwest, and Beyond (2012), as well as plays staged by Aguijón Theater in Chicago.

Teresa Dovalpage currently resides in Hobbs, New Mexico.

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