Catherine de Lange

Catherine de Lange is a British science journalist, editor, and author specializing in health, genetics, and psychology. She is currently Head of Features at New Scientist.

Catherine de Lange holds BSc in Human Sciences from UCL and MSc in science media production from Imperial College London. She is also the recipient of a Harvard Medical School Journalism Fellowship.

After graduation, she has written for Nature, the Guardian, and the Washington Post, among others, and worked on TV programs such as the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, as well as radio documentaries, including BBC Radio 4's Dear Professor Hawking.

Catherine de Lange has over a decade of experience writing, commissioning, and editing articles on health, nutrition, neuroscience, technology, genetics, medicine, and psychology.

She is the author of 10 Voyages Through the Human Mind: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution (2019), published by Michael O'Mara Books.

Her latest book, Brain Power: Everything you need to Know for a Healthy, happy brain, was published in 2022. Brain Power is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping readers lead healthier and longer lives by maintaining optimal brain function.

The book contains practical exercises and tips to keep the brain in top shape. It delves into the intricate relationship between brain function and various lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, diet, and social interactions. Catherine provides readers with actionable insights to improve their cognitive well-being.

Catherine de Lange lives in London.

Photo credit: www.catherinedelange.com



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a healthy brain is about feeling good
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The most direct is the vagus nerve, an information super-highway that sends signals from our gut to our central nervous system


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