Alexia Praks

Alexia Praks is a romance and fantasy author. She writes contemporary, historical, fantasy, paranormal romance, or a combination of any of these. Alexia Praks also uses the alter ego name Bella Chan for her adventurous fantasy, thrice as smutty mm romance (Yaoi, BL).

Alexia Prax has long combined her duties as a lab scientist with her writing passion. She has enjoyed success with Wattpad, where her novels have amassed an audience of more than 50,000 readers.

Falling for Sakura: A Secret Kiss was written by her in 2014. Here are her thoughts on the process:

«I love writing and am very passionate about books and the stories I penned into books. I basically write whenever I can and wherever I can. In the car whilst waiting for my sisters to finish work, in bed before going to sleep, during lunch hour whilst eating, and early in the morning before getting ready. Yep. I pretty much write whenever I can. In 2014, I wrote Falling for Sakura: A Secret Kiss in two months between working two full-time jobs, one as a medical lab scientist and another as a cook for our family restaurant. And you know, restaurant work isn’t easy. I was on my feet fourteen hours a day, six days a week. I got Sunday off, and that day I’d sleep like the dead, and when I got up, I’d write some more».

Alexia Prax currently resides in Aotearoa. According to her, she spends seventy per cent of her time watching anime and reading comics and thirty per cent daydreaming about food and procrastinating.

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