Bea Paige


Hajer Ladherihas quoted2 years ago
“It was a mistake. You don’t have to do that anymore. You can have what you want, Tiny.”
Hajer Ladherihas quoted2 years ago
My gaze falls onto York who is looking at Sasha like she’s all his dreams come true. I see the admiration in his eyes and interest that has my heart bottoming out. They look good together, his pale skin against her beautiful, silky chocolate shade. Like Ying and Yang. I’m sure they’d make beautiful babies. Jealousy raises its ugly head and I bite down on the inside of my cheek.
Hajer Ladherihas quoted4 months ago
“No.” Now his eyes clash with mine, and I swallow hard at the determination I see swimming in the grey-green depths of them. He was always my protector. Always. He seems to be reverting back to that role tonight and a large part of me likes it. Wants it. Needs it, actually.


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