Stephen Barber

Stephen Barber is a Research Professor in Art History at Kingston University, London. He authored over twenty books known for his extensive work on urban cultures and their intersection with art and moving-image forms.

Stephen Barber attended Malvern Girls' College in Worcestershire. He then honed his expertise in Russian at the University of Bristol, followed by further studies at City University London.

Barber has worked at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, the University of Tokyo and Tokyo Keio University, IMEC Research Institute in Paris, the Berlin Free University and the Berlin University of the Arts.

His research, focusing on urban cultures and their interplay with art and moving-image forms, has garnered significant funding from esteemed organizations, including the AHRC, the German Ministry for Research and Education, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

He has written over twenty books, including Berlin Bodies (2017) and Film's Ghosts (2019). His most recent publication, Reclaiming the Revolution (2023), reimagines the Fourth Industrial Revolution, delving into its impact on politics, society, and leadership. Barber explores how this era presents an opportunity to redefine our economy, decision-making processes, and leadership behaviors.

The book, enriched with unique adventures and historical insights, emphasizes the importance of human values and skills in the face of technological transformation. It calls for a collaborative approach, political deliberation, and a resurgence of trust in leadership, highlighting the critical junction we face in this revolutionary period.

Barber's career is also marked by significant collaborations with digital artists and photographers, enhancing his multidisciplinary approach. His expertise extends beyond academia, contributing regularly to 3:AM Magazine and Mute.

As a Research Professor at Kingston University's Visual and Material Culture Research Centre, Barber continues to explore and expand the boundaries of art history and urban studies. His current research project, focusing on Eadweard Muybridge's scrapbooks, is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Professor Stephen Barber lives in London.

Photo credit: Twitter @StephenBarberUK
years of life: 3 October 1961 present


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