Jacob Galea

Jacob Galea is an Australian seasoned coach and business mentor who has harnessed the power of the mind and unlocked his inner potential, transitioning from a factory worker to a trailblazer in personal and professional transformation. He is the author of the book Birth of the Super You (2014).

He holds a Diploma in Business Leadership & Sales Strategies from Leadership Management Australia and specialized training in Organizational Leadership from the Australian Institute of Management.

Galea also earned a Master Practitioner certification in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) from the Australian Institute of Management and a Master Practitioner in Mind Dynamics for Peak Performance from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Jacob Galea has lent his expertise to the NFL and the A-League for the Western Sydney Wanderers. Jacob's unique approach is based on two decades of dedicated study and practice in emotional intelligence, hypnotherapy, the power of the subconscious mind, visualization, and strategic techniques such as The Art of War.

A black belt Karate champion, Galea effortlessly fuses Zen leadership, mind coaching, and inner human transformation within his brand. His unwavering faith in the human spirit fuels his mission to enable individuals and businesses worldwide to transcend limitations and embrace purpose. With a martial arts background, Jacob expertly instills discipline, focus, and clarity in corporate leaders, offering solace and direction to executives facing high-pressure environments.

He has published in prominent publications, including BRW, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Telegraph, Good Weekend, Body and Soul, and MX Magazine. His insights also reach audiences through various channels, including a recurring column in Ultra Fit Magazine and appearances on Mix 106.5FM Radio.

Jacob Galea lives in Sydney.

Photo Credit: www.jacobgalea.com
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