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  • Juliana Siqueirahas quoted5 months ago
    heard it said that the past always catches up with us.
  • bts4life157has quoted3 months ago
    Early in March 1934, John Dillinger, the most notorious criminal in American history, made a spectacular escape from Lake County Jail, Crown Point, Indiana.

    Its so fun to learn about killers from the same state as you!!

  • Anirudha Guhahas quotedlast year
    ing the titles. He takes the vodka casually from Tollinger’s out
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    It had a bad Murillo, a bad Steen, a bad Tintoretto, and a bad Fragonard, and how many museums can you say that about? There was even a bad Velázquez, and that might just be unique.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    They are there to catch the eyes of train passengers coming into Paris. Thus, when you approach from Paris, they're backward: OVLOV, ATIM, ATLONIM. You begin to wonder whether you're in the outskirts of Paris or Smolensk.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    Everybody should have a Freudian psychotherapist for a friend. One’s life is simplified tremendously.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    And being crippled over here wasn’t the same thing as it was in the States. You don’t see many people using aluminum walkers in the streets of Europe’s old cities, or blind people, or extremely elderly people. It’s just too hard to get around.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    The potatoes were crisp, the gemischter Salat aggressively Teutonic—not thrown together willy-nilly, French-style, but with the marinated vegetables set in orderly ranks, each in its place.
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    (I’m still waiting for someone to explain neoplastic constructivism to me, for example, and I’ve lectured on the damn thing!
  • Николай Зубовhas quoted2 years ago
    In Germany it is hard to be hungry for long without realizing it. The Germans are surely the munchingest people in the world.
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