CeCe Sammy

CeCe Sammy is a British celebrity vocal and performance coach known for her TV appearances and behind-the-scenes contributions as a judge, talent scout, and advisor on various music and entertainment shows. CeCe released a debut book, If You Can Speak You Can Sing, in February 2019.

CeCe Sammy was born in Trinidad, home of the biggest carnival in the Caribbean and soca music. Sammy said she grew up obsessed with Classical music after watching flamboyant, who she considered her first creativity coach, piano impresario Liberace performing on TV.

At 14, CeCe moved to London with her mother and sister to pursue her passion. She is an alumnus of the London College of Music. Sammy is a classically trained pianist. She has coached chart acts from the UK, including Charlotte Church, S Club 7, and S Club Juniors, Will Young and Leona Lewis.

Before her coaching career, CeCe Sammy was a backing singer touring with Diana Ross and Julio Iglesias. She has worked with artists and actors from the BBC, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Universal.

"Even someone working in finance, retail, or manual labor has creativity inside them and, what’s more, I think creativity is essential and should never be ignored. It does not matter what kind of family you come from. We all need creativity," CeCe says.

CeCe Sammy has also given free books to many state schools across the country for use in their library, as CeCe wanted the children to have the same opportunity for self-help.

Sammy has begun working with the V&A and also, and she is a patron of Speakers for Schools.

CeCe Sammy now called CeCe Sammy-Lightfoot and is married to Charles Lightfoot, a former first-class cricketer. They have two children.

Photo credit: www.cecesammylightfoot.com
years of life: 30 May 1979 present
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