K.L. Berger

K.L. Berger is a Danish author, translator, editor, and lecturer. Berger is a prolific author with more than 20 novels to her name. Among her notable works are the dark fantasy bestseller Sjælehenteren (Soul Catcher) and its subsequent books in the series. She has also written a powerful youth novel, Where I Belong, and a series of children's books about The Manly Moose.

Katja Laub Berger was born in Copenhagen in 1986. Katja grew up as a quiet girl who faced psychological bullying at home and school. It began when she was just seven years old, coinciding with her becoming a big sister and her mother's husband being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, leading to significant changes in their family dynamics.

Her escape from the torment of bullying came through books. At the age of 11, she discovered the school library and found solace in the world of literature.

Books became her refuge, allowing her to escape into the lives of fictional characters and away from the harsh realities of her own life. Inspired by her newfound passion for reading, Berger began writing short stories and adventures, filling notebooks, and developing a keen interest in language and storytelling.

She wrote her first picture book about a rabbit family when she was 12. While that early work may have been forgettable, it was the beginning of her lifelong passion for storytelling.

Berger battled with suicidal thoughts, an eating disorder, and psychological scars. However, she eventually sought and received professional help, which marked the turning point in her life. She turned to writing as a means of processing her trauma and thoughts, emerging from her struggles stronger and determined to make a positive impact.

Today, K.L. Berger is a survivor who uses her experiences to advocate for vulnerable children and young people, striving to provide them with more opportunities for support and understanding.

Writing for her is not just a creative outlet but a means to make a difference in the lives of those who, like her, have faced similar demons.

K.L. Berger has, among other things, written and had success with the fantasy series Tales from Death.

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years of life: 1986 present


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