Stephanie Sowden

Stephanie Sowden is an English author of the crime novel After Everything You Did (2022).

Stephanie Sowden, a Manchester native, delves into the realms of history and politics at Durham University. Initially exploring magazine journalism, her passion for food led her to establish a catering company. Amidst her diverse pursuits, Sowden honed her writing skills through Curtis Brown Creative's novel writing course, where she crafted her debut psychological thriller, After Everything You Did.

In this gripping narrative, the story unravels with a car crash, leaving two women maimed, their long blonde hair tainted with blood. The protagonist, Reeta Doe, wakes up in an unfamiliar hospital bed, surrounded by bright lights, nurses, and handcuffs. In a disorienting twist, she's informed by the FBI that she's been on their radar since Mississippi, accused of brutally murdering two college girls who bear an uncanny resemblance to her. As Reeta grapples with amnesia, journalist Carol becomes her lifeline, tracing the trail of destruction back to Pine Ranch, the only family Reeta ever knew.

Sowden's debut crime novel navigates the complexities of identity and the age-old debate of nature versus nurture. The story offers a memorable character at its core against the backdrop of a captivating plot.

In Sowden's own words, her writing process mirrors the chaos of her bustling kitchen. As a chef running her own catering business, inspiration strikes amidst the clatter of knives and sizzling pans. Faced with a plot hole or character arc, Sowden steps away from her laptop, letting her characters speak to her during breaks in the odd hours of hospitality.

Stephanie Sowden lives in South Manchester with her partner, Dave, and their little mad staffy, Butter.

Photo credit: Twitter @Stephsowden_
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