Sara Marchant

Sara Marchant is an American writer who honed her storytelling skills at the University of California, Riverside/Palm Desert, earning a degree in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts.

Her stories have appeared in publications such as The Manifest Station, Every Writer's Resource, and Desert Magazine. They have also been published in anthologies such as All the Women in My Family Sing and publications from Fairlight Books and Otis Books.

Before she became a writer, Marchant worked at The San Diego Natural History Museum, using her knowledge of Latin American History. She also taught Critical Thinking and Writing at Mt. San Jacinto College, hoping to inspire the next generation to steer society away from negative impulses.

A novella by Marchant, The Driveway Has Two Sides, illustrates Marchant's storytelling abilities. The novella tells the story of Delilah, a practical protagonist navigating shared driveways and unexpected connections on an island. The inspiration came from a personal annoyance, creating a character-driven narrative with subtle hints of tension.

Beyond her writing, Marchant is a founding editor of the literary magazine Writers Resist. Her work has been anthologized and performed in renowned venues like The New Short Fiction Series in Los Angeles.

Marchant's writing journey began with a second-grade short story about hummingbirds. Teaching creative writing keeps her motivated, and she enjoys the unique perspectives of her students. Writing essays, short stories, and novellas presents different challenges, with novellas being her preferred form, enjoyed aloud with occasional laughter.

Unexpected reactions from readers have been a surprising aspect of Marchant's writing journey. The challenge of seamlessly incorporating backstories marked the most challenging part of writing The Driveway Has Two Sides.

For Marchant, writing is more than a creative outlet; it's an integral part of her identity. Inspired by other writers, her essays convey a sense of empowerment in uncertain times.

Her latest novel, Becoming Delilah (2023), promises an immersive exploration of love, trauma, and identity against the backdrop of the windswept Cape Cod.

Currently, she is writing a memoir about her experiences as a Mexican-Jewish woman in today's challenging political climate.

Sara Marchant resides in the high desert of Southern California with her husband.

Photo credit: Twitter @thesaramarchant
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