Goold Brown

Goold Brown (7 March 1791 – 31 March 1857) was an American grammarian. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, the third child of Smith Brown and Lydia Gould. His family could be traced to some of the earliest Quakers in New England.


Mariam Kadirihas quoted2 years ago
"So let great authors have their due, that Time, who is the author of authors, be not deprived of his due, which is, farther and farther to discover truth."—LORD BACON.
Mariam Kadirihas quoted2 years ago
It is the first of what have been called the seven sciences, or liberal branches of knowledge; namely, grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music
Mariam Kadirihas quoted2 years ago
"ars rectè scribendi, rectèque loquendi" the art of writing and speaking correctly.
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