Pushkin Press

Pushkin Press is a British-based publishing house established in 1997. The Pushkin Press publishes diverse works, including timeless classics, non-fiction, crime, and children's books. Featuring acclaimed authors like Stefan Zweig and Dorthe Nors, their titles have been recognized with Booker Prize nominations and even Nobel Prize wins.

Pushkin Collection presents thoughtfully designed paperbacks with French flaps, offering a satisfying reading experience. Typeset in Monotype Baskerville, printed on Munken Premium White Paper, and notch-bound in Cornwall, these books showcase literary excellence.

Pushkin Vertigo, a crime fiction imprint, curates top-notch storytelling from global corners, spanning classic crime writers to contemporary award-winners, catering to diverse tastes in mystery and suspense.

With Pushkin Classics, discover timeless stories from all over the world, featuring fiction and non-fiction by iconic and contemporary authors. The hand-picked selection boasts new translations and stylish covers, offering the world's best stories to be enjoyed repeatedly.

Pushkin Children’s Books introduces young readers to the world's greatest stories, including classic fantasies, young adult novels, and picture books. Bestsellers like "The Letter for the King" and award-winning titles like "Bearmouth" enrich young minds with enchanting tales.
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Luca Ferreirahas quotedlast year
nd noted with increasing astonishment how little trustworthy information there was concerning this astounding exploit. As had happened to me several times before, I found that to tell the story to others would be the best way of explaining the inexplicable to myself. Such was the origin of my book, which, I can frankly say, has come into being to my own surprise. For, in recounting this odyssey
Eolhk Khas quoted6 months ago
I breathed freely, purely, and full of sudden delight I felt the air on my lips like a clear drink. It was soft, effervescent air carrying on it the aroma of fruits, the scent of distant islands, and making me feel slightly drunk.
Eolhk Khas quoted6 months ago
Now, for the first time since I had set foot on the ship’s planks, I knew the blessed joy of reverie, and the other more sensual pleasure of abandoning my body, womanlike, to the softness surrounding me.
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