Tim Pilcher

Tim Pilcher is an English Eisner nominated writer, editor, publisher, lecturer, and co-owner of Soaring Penguin Press. He is an award-winning senior publishing, editing, and writing professional with almost 30 years of experience delivering multi-faceted and engaging content across multiple publications and genres, including books, comics, and more.

Tim Pilcher worked in and around the comics industry for many years. He was an assistant editor at Vertigo, associate editor at Comics International, the UK’s only comic-book industry trade paper, and co-founded Les Cartoonistes Dangereux.

Pilcher has written over 20 books on comics and drugs. His books include Comic Book Babylon: A Cautionary Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Comics (2013), the candid, uncensored, and utterly unofficial story of DC Comic’s infamous Vertigo UK office, the bestselling Erotic Comics Vols 1 & 2 (2008–9) and How Comics Work (2017), with artist Dave Gibbons.

Tim Pilcher also has co-written two books, The Essential Guide to World Comics (2005) with Brad Brooks and The Complete Cartooning Course (2001) with Steve Edgell.

He is currently an organizer for the Comic Zone at the London Film & Comic Cons at Kensington Olympia, the UK’s largest and longest-running comic convention.

Tim Pilcher now lives in Brighton, UK.

Photo credit: Twitter @Tim_Pilcher
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