Joseph Fink,Jeffrey Cranor

Mostly Void, Partially Stars

A collection of scripts from season one of the hit podcast, Welcome to Night Vale,featuring behind-the-scenes commentary & original illustrations.
A friendly desert community, where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and the mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep.
Welcome to Night Vale.
In June of 2012, the creators of Welcome to Night Vale began airing twice-monthly podcasts about a fictional town in the American Southwest where ghosts, angels, aliens, and government conspiracies are all commonplace parts of day-to-day life. Mostly Void, Partially Stars contains the first year of episodes from the podcast that would become a worldwide sensation.
Offering both an entertaining reading experience as well as a valuable reference guide to past episodes, Mostly Void, Partially Stars features a foreword by Cory Doctorow, an introduction by creator and cowriter Joseph Fink, behind-the-scenes commentary and guest introductions by both authors, as well as podcast performers and collaborators including Cecil Baldwin (Cecil), Dylan Marron (Carlos), and Kevin R. Free (Kevin), among others. Also here is the full script from the first Welcome to Night Vale live show, “Condos.” Beautiful illustrations by series artist Jessica Hayworth accompany each episode.
Mostly Void, Partially Stars is an absolute must-have whether you’re a fan of the podcast or discovering for the first time the wonderful world of Night Vale.
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  • Daria Zhavoronkovahas quoted3 years ago
    Sometimes things seem so strange or malevolent, and then you find that, underneath, it was something else altogether, something pure and innocent.
  • Daria Zhavoronkovahas quoted3 years ago
    I fear, Night Vale. I fear for what we know. I fear for what we don’t know. I fear for what we don’t yet know that we don’t know
  • Daria Zhavoronkovahas quoted3 years ago
    But as you watch the sun rise again tomorrow morning, think to yourself: “Past performance is not a predictor of future results.” And then force a smile, drink another cup of coffee, and try not to look down as you walk across the soil that will eventually fill your lifeless lungs and repurpose your corpse. Each day that is . . . is a blessing, Night Vale.

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