Holli Kenley

Another Way

High school. Dating. Sex. 14 year old Chloe Wheeler wonders — is she ready?
Finding it uncomfortable talking with her parents, Chloe turns to her best friend--Amanda Hill. Searching for guidance, they attend a nondenominational youth group where Pastor Rick Summers is facilitating a series of talks on sex entitled Another Way. At the first group meeting, Chloe meets football star Tyrell Fields. As they begin dating and Chloe's feelings intensify, she grabs hold of the lessons of Another Way and discovers… Her worth. Her voice. Her levels of readiness. Her power to make healthy decisions.
“Holli Kenley beautifully shares in Another Way how young people can embrace confidence and self-empowerment as they find their way through the challenges of the teen years.”
Cathy Taughinbaugh--Parent Coach, Helping Parents Find Peace
«Another Way is an indispensable book for teens and those who care about them…Holli Kenley has done it again with this practical, entertaining, and bold book.”
Jill Osborne, Eds, LPC, RPT — Helping Families Reconnect
«Another Way introduces our young readers to a new way of thinking. Through self-discovery and self-empowerment, Chloe learns there truly is Another Way--a way to stand strong with honesty and personal integrity.”
Judy Herzanek — Changing Lives Foundation
«Another Way is one of those great reads that is sure to find an audience with readers of all ages.”
Cyrus Webb — Host of Conversations LIVE, Editor-in-Chief Conversations Magazine
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