Holli Kenley

Shifting Bravely

Get Ready to Make Your Own SHIFT!

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, or unsettled in your current reality? Are discomfort, dissatisfaction, and dis-ease ongoing themes in your life? Are you longing for healthy change, first with yourself and then with others? Seeds of change lie dormant within. Even more than you can imagine will grow there if given a chance.
«SHIFTING Bravely is a beautifully written, easy to digest invitation and guide for personal growth, filled with illustrations of how those who gave themselves permission to heal deeply buried wounds were able to step into their real story and create powerfully grounded energy for profound, untethered life-long change.»
--Debra Rock, MSW, LCSW, psychotherapist in private practice
“Filled with real-life stories, practical tools and reflections, Kenley's words seemed to sing right off the page and land directly into my heart. Beautifully weaved tapestry of wisdom and inspiration! A must-read for anyone who is desiring personal freedom.”
--Shari Alyse 'Joy Magnet', bestselling author and motivational speaker
«SHIFTING Bravely brilliantly describes the phases of personal metamorphosis and offers profound insight, concrete information and practical tools and exercises to skillfully and lovingly navigate the journey into oneself.”
--Marcie R. Elias, JD, MA, organizational psychologist
«A deep reflection of the unhealed elements in our lives, SHIFTING Bravely is a journey of growth that invites the reader to be vulnerable, open, and courageous.”
--Allison Sucamele, PsyD, adjunct professor, department of Education and Psychology, course lead positive psychology, Pepperdine University
«SHIFTING Bravely is quite literally a life-changing book.”
--Kiersten Hathcock, author Little Voices, CEO Mod Mom Furniture
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