Amanda Apthorpe

One Core Belief

Delfi Kazan dreams of living in Athens and starring in her favourite soap opera on Greek regional television, but confined to a small island and caring for her widowed father, there’s little chance of ever being discovered by talent scouts.

That is, until an arranged marriage with Nikolas — a handsome engineer based in Athens and heir to the popular Hestia’s Taverna on a nearby tourist island — keeps her dreams alive. But Nikolas is still reeling since his fiancé, Linda, left him, and he has lost the passion for the Athenian life.

Deflated, he returns to the family home and Hestia’s Taverna, and acquiesces to his mother’s insistence that he marry a Greek girl, but his heart is not in it. Rather than treading the red carpet, Delfi finds herself peeling potatoes under the critical eye of her mother-in-law, and the disinterested glances of her husband.

An offer, a seduction could provide her with a way out. But can she reach her dreams?
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