Amanda Apthorpe

Whispers In The Wiring

After the death of his twin brother, Catholic priest Rupert Brown gains guardianship of his fifteen-year-old niece, Neti.

Burdened with grief and questioning his faith, Rupert tries to recreate a family home for Neti, made more difficult by the sudden return of her mother after a ten-year absence.

When neuroscientist Athena Nevis invites him to take part in her research on heightened religious experiences, Rupert begins to question his life-long vocational choice of the priesthood. Soon, Athena's and Rupert's interest begins to extend beyond their professional relationship, bringing them both face to face with their values and spirituality.

A touching tale of grief, faith and determination, Amanda Apthorpe's 'Whispers In The Wiring' is at its core a story of personal growth, acceptance and finding happiness.
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