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Gary Westfal

Dream Operative

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Clinical psychologist and Georgetown University PhD research student, JOEY “G” WESTON, has a passion for Oneirology ─ the study and analysis of dreams. But that passion proves to be a double-edged sword when word gets out that G has discovered and demonstrated the ability to consciously manipulate and freely move about in his dreams.  Things get exciting when news of his abilities goes viral and entices various governmental agencies to pursue him in an attempt to exploit him…or eliminate him altogether.
G quickly discovers the power, tenacity, and unfettered reach of the U.S. Government when he is sequestered by one agency, only to be rescued by yet another, in a quest to validate, test, and exploit his abilities ─ all in the interest of national security and covert advantage.
G eventually finds that he is not the only one who possesses the ability to travel about and manipulate his dreams when he continues to cross paths with one man who seems to be aware of G’s presence while dreaming.  The two share glancing encounters at first but eventually confront each other in the alter-conscious domain.  G discovers the man to be none other than KHALID ABDUL-HAKIM, the world’s most wanted terrorist.  Hakim is none too happy that he has been discovered and is driven to eliminate the one man who can track his movements and thwart his motivations.
In a world where nothing is as it first appears, this clandestine novel brings both reality and alter-reality together in support of parallel storylines that merge into a fascinating ending that leads G to a final encounter with Hakim where he discovers how to rid the world of the elusive terrorist mastermind inside the alter-conscious domain of a dream.
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    Weston nearly rolled completely out of the hammock as he clumsily reached for his cell phone.

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