D.N. Leo

Wolfsbane – Shadow of Angel

Private investigator, Dinah Greenwoods, has never lost a supernatural case, until she deals with human.

Dinah isn’t just any private investigator from the multiverse. She specializes in violent cases across the multiverse, and she likes her business until her best friend becomes the latest victim of a mass murder.

She goes to England to obtain information for her investigation, just to find out her friend might not be the only victim, and the Earth might be attacked by unknown powerful supernatural forces.

Why would she care?

She works for a living. She doesn't plan to be a hero. And this job with the human race doesn't pay much.

She could ignore the information and goes back to her universe, but she decides otherwise, because Arik convinces her. She could help, and maybe for once in her life, money doesn't really matter.

He's passionate. She's witty. He's talented. She's resourceful.

Together, they could save human kind from the attack. But there is a problem: She can’t use Arik's talent without sacrificing his life.
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