D.N. Leo

Light of Demon

It's a curse to be the best.
She was trained to be leader.
She was taught to win combats.
She is the best fighter in the most powerful mage operating private security company in the city. In the future Earth where all humans need protection from the supernatural forces, private security is a booming business.
Unfortunately, no business can last long in such a chaotic world. When her mage tribe is in deep trouble, her talent alone couldn't save the day.
To convince the only man who could help her mage tribe, she must do the unthinkable …
Light of Demon is an installment Mage of Bloodstone. The series offers adrenaline surged action, unimaginable twists and turns, and incredibly compelling characters.
If you love supernatural thriller, magic, shape-shifting and time travel romance, this is the series for you.
Grab the book and enjoy the journey
162 printed pages
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