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Graham Greene

The quiet American

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  • Roberto Garzahas quoted7 hours ago
    One never knows another human being
  • Roberto Garzahas quoted7 hours ago
    of us. She’ll get old, that’s all. She’ll suffer from childbirth and hunger and cold and rheumatism, but she’ll never suffer like we do from thoughts, obsessions—she won’t scratch
  • Roberto Garzahas quoted7 hours ago
    I want to protect her.’

    ‘I don’t. She doesn’t need protection. I want her around, I want her in my bed
  • Roberto Garzahas quoted9 hours ago
    ‘I was asleep at first, and then I didn’t want to be disturbed. But I am disturbed, so come in.’
  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    I said, ‘If you are hinting that you are a Communist, or a Vietminh, don’t worry. I’m not shocked. I have no politics
  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    You should see a doctor yourself,’ I said. A newcomer joined us—I hadn’t heard him enter. He was a young man neatly dressed in European clothes. He said in English, ‘Mr Chou has only one lung.’

    ‘I am very sorry …’

    ‘He smokes one hundred and fifty pipes every day.’


  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    it had got caught up accidentally in the junk: I felt caught up in it myself
  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    Sometimes when his fever was bad his face ran with sweat, but he never lost the clarity of his thought
  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    pricked by a wire frame, to the Batu Caves
  • Roberto Garzahas quotedyesterday
    Then I lay back and in the relaxation of the opium I thought, ‘At least she won’t leave me now before I go, and perhaps, somehow, tomorrow, after a few more pipes, I shall think of a way to remain.’
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