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Lynne Graham

The Vengeful Husband

Advertising for a husband reunites a single mom with a former one-night stand in this classic marriage of convenience romance by a USA Today bestseller.
Race to the altar—Maxie, Darcy, and Polly are the Husband Hunters.The terms of their godmother’s will: Maxie, Darcy and Polly have each been left a share of her estate—if they marry within a year and remain married for six months . . .
The hunter:Darcy Fielding, a single mom, decides she must ADVERTISE for a husband! But the consequences of one night of unforgettable passion are about to return to haunt her . . .
The husband? Gianluca Raffacani has finally traced the mysterious beauty who disappeared from his bed. She is advertising for a husband—his perfect opportunity for revenge . . . Only, Luca finds he’s married the mother of his secret child!
Originally published in 1998.
219 printed pages
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  • Shelly Fondahas quoted4 years ago
    He was very still, his chiselled profile clenched taut. ‘You sleep with a picture of Richard Carlton by your bed?’ he breathed a tinge unevenly, a slightly forced edge to the enquiry that thickened his accent.

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