Grace Walter

Just One Night

“Like I said…tequila + music = Fun Georgia. Job? What job? No clothes for tomorrow? Who cares! Makeup, toothbrush? Who cares! Where are we going? Who cares! I look at my boss, and he’s staring at me with the proudest look on his face. He’s so much fun to work with, somehow professionalism is a blurry line with us.”

While Georgia and the new hire Sophie both have friends that are quickly becoming much more than that. Will Gray be left just to fantasize about Daniel or will she also make the jump?

If you love smart and sexy fiction and a good romantic short story, then The Cashmere Chronicles are for you.

Georgia and Gray’s VIP travel and luxury lifestyle company comes to fruition just as both of their marriages start to crumble, catapulting them them from a life of just being just mamas to female CEOs. Together they navigate how to be a single mother with a second chance, being divorced women dating, and sex over forty all while packing school lunches and traveling to for work. With strong female characters, catty comments, millennial hires, VIP romance backstage, and a sexy millionaire boyfriend or two there’s never a dull moment in the inspirational romance books The Cashmere Chronicles.

Ever love characters so much you don’t want the story to end? Same here! You can follow Gray and Georgia out in the real world in real time at and @nochairzone on Instagram for weekend getaway guides, what they are currently wearing/buying/listening to/reading, and inspiration on how to live like a VIP everyday.
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