Grace Walter

Time Travel Sisters

“Evenin', ma'am,” a hunky, sun-weathered cowboy tips his hat as he walks by.

Olivia, freshly arrived in the 1800's old West town smiles politely, still taking in her amply filled corset — as he does as well— and crinoline filled skirt as a tumbleweed rolls by. Jane, her sister, similarly styled by the time machine, immediately feels the need to quench her thirst, and desire, as they follow the cowboy into the small town's hotel.

Olivia and Jane, using one of their parent’s many homes as a crash pad after a late night out on the town, follow an odd whirring sound coming from their father’s study. Their father, for whom nothing was unattainable due to his billions, had somehow procured a time machine which the two young women put immediately to use. Suddenly modern day men seem boring when there are cowboys, knights, shapeshifters, vampires, paranormals, werewolves (just to name a few) to teach them a few new tricks in the bedroom…
19 printed pages
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Make Lemonade
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