Bianca James

Desired by the Dragon: Dragon Shifter Romance

The second book in the fast paced, action packed Relic Hunters trilogy

An unlikely alliance is forged between Saira, the curvy, geeky archaeologist and Bryce the dragon shifter entrusted with the safekeeping of an ancient and extremely powerful relic.

Although most see him as suave, sophisticated and handsome, Saira sees a darker side to Bryce and can’t help but be attracted to the wild and untamed beast she knows lurks beneath his smooth exterior.

If only she knew . . .

With a sinister and covert organization hot on their heels, determined to reunite the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas, Saira and Bryce must put their differences aside if they are to survive and triumph against a ruthless and evil enemy.
60 printed pages
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