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Cathy Maxwell

Because of You

Is a reckless rogue worthy of thelove of an innocent enchantress?
Pretty Samantha Northrup knows it isher duty to marry—but the chaste Englishvicar’s daughter secretly desires to be sweptoff her feet by a man whose kisses leave herbreathless. And when a seductive strangerarrives at her door one stormy night,Samantha’s neat and orderly life is turnedupside down—especially when she finds herself in a most compromising position . . .and is forced to marry a man she barely knows!
Samantha is unaware that her mystery bridegroom is Yale Carderock, the dashing,disinherited rakehell son of a duke, banishedby his father years before. Now Lord Yalehas returned—wealthier but only somewhatreformed—and he is bewitched by his lovelynew bride’s awakening sensuality and innocentfire. But can this marriage of conveniencebe something more . . . and can a confirmedcad and society outcast truly change his ways enough to merit the lady’s tender love?
288 printed pages
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  • Sofiahas quoted2 years ago
    In time, he’d learned how the world truly measured the worth of a man. His rebelliousness was replaced by a very sincere desire just to stay alive. He’d learned to live in a world where a man’s word was his bond—breaking it could be a death warrant.

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