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Lauren Smith

The Gilded Chain

He’s the big bad wolf in a bespoke suit…

There’s nothing Wes Thorne can’t have, no woman he can’t possess with a single crook of his finger, except for a sweet, innocent cowgirl from Colorado. When he first meets Callie, Wes knows his days of womanizing are over, she’s the one for him, but there’s just one problem. She’s in love with his childhood friend who just happens to be engaged to Wes’s little sister. What’s a man to do, but offer Callie her dreams of becoming an artist? He sweeps her away to Paris to seduce her and let her explore her artistic talents. He vows to make her forget all about her broken heart by showing her how wicked she can be with him. But when a dangerous art thief sets his sights on her, Wes won’t hesitate to protect the woman who holds his heart.

She’s wanted nothing more in her life than to be an artist…

Callie Taylor is a small-town girl but she has big dreams…and dark hungers. She’s never felt like she truly fit in with the cozy little community she was born into. When an intimidating, yet utterly gorgeous man shows up on her doorstep promising her everything she’s always wanted, she knows it’s too good to be true. The way he’s looking at her, like a wolf stalking little red riding hood, she starts to wonder if maybe she wants to be caught, seduced, and captivated by him. Wes is like no one she’s ever known. He’s brooding, intense, and yet there’s a softness inside him, a need to be loved, and it makes him irresistible. Surely one trip to Paris won’t hurt?
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Lauren Smith
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