Harry D.Kitson

How to Use Your Mind. A Psychology of Study

“How to Use Your Mind” is an exceptionally practical handbook on how you can use your mind more effectively to achieve better results in your studies. The book brings value to both students and teachers/lecturers. It explores the basics of comprehension and memorization and shows effective applications of memory in learning. Some of the topics covered are: How to master the art of effective note taking; how to become avidly interested in any subject matter; how to get a mental second wind; and how to get physically conditioned for effective study. Written by Indiana University Professor of Psychology Harry D. Kitson in 1916, “How to Use Your Mind” is today still as contemporary as it was then.
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    quite useful and applicable to the real life book. There are many curious facts about brain functioning and common study life hacks. Recommend for students!

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    Very professional easy to read.


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    A better way is to read through an entire paragraph or section, then close the book and reproduce in your own words what you have read.
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    "Read not to contradict, nor to believe, but to weigh and consider."
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    You cannot make a wrong decision if you have the facts before you and have given each the proper weight. When the solution comes, it is recognized as right, for it comes tinged with a feeling that we call belief.


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