Harry D.Kitson

Harry Dexter Kitson, born in 1886 in Mishawaka, Indiana, taught applied psychology at Teachers' College, Columbia University. He was a charter member of the American Psychological Association and a pioneer in the field of vocational guidance. His main field of professional interest throughout his life (see references below), and it would definitely be incorrect to rank him among the precursors of quantitative linguistics. Yet, some ideas and analyses represented in his 1921 book The Mind of the Buyer. A Psychology of Selling illustrate the need of his time for a solid basis in linguostatistics and quantitative linguistics, and therefore
deserve mention in an historical flashback.
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that every incoming sensory message pushes on and on until it finds a motor pathway over which it may travel and produce movement.
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Think what it means to one's character that every thought harbored in the mind is bound to come out
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Therefore, keep in your mind the kind of thoughts that you wish to see actualized in your character and the appropriate acts will follow of their own accord.


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