Ann Gosslin

The Double

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    We do not choose our parents, or the debt they’ve bequeathed us. But we can, if we choose, create something better and finer from the ash heap of the past
  • b8453453735has quoted3 years ago
    Though our lives are an accident of birth, our fate is in our hands.
  • jodielee744has quoted5 months ago
    As a medical student he’d been advised to think ‘horses not zebras’, upon hearing the gallop of hooves.
  • tatjanavegelhas quoted6 months ago
    “Sometimes you put walls up, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”’
  • janaelharery89has quoted7 months ago
    Having rushed to the airport to catch his flight to Copenhagen,
  • janaelharery89has quoted7 months ago
    Rosenborg Castle
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    22 October 2008
  • Mayhas quoted10 months ago
    The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.
  • b2885074599has quoted10 months ago
    Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Denmark, resplendent in gold epaulettes and a blue silk sash, smiled at
  • Alina ❤️has quotedlast year
    the fire had been ruled as arson.
  • Alina ❤️has quotedlast year
    arms crossed over his chest in an attitude of supplication
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