Grace Walter

Windy City Wives

iMessage: “Except for a 2:00 meeting tomorrow I'm free. Dying to see your face.”

Ella, who lives on the 22nd floor, gets a message from her old college flame that she hasn't seen since she walked out his door graduation weekend. She's a billionaire wife and mother now living a comfortable life so she certainly won't feel anything for Griffin, or so she tells herself…

The women of 1400 Lake Shore Drive share a few things in common: billions in the bank, dirty little secrets, and sometimes each other’s husbands. Part time billionaire wife, part time photographer, yogi, madam, mistress…these women are quite adventurous behind their closed doors.

Looking for summer short reads? Trashy beach reads? No one does summer beach reads chick lit quite like Grace Walter! Windy City Wives chronicles the frisky women of 1400 Lake Shore Drive where billions and bedrooms rule the days (and nights). The Time Travel Sisters transcend the space-time continuum to find themselves in a multitude of times, spaces, and places that feel “surreal” for more reasons that you think. And Grace and Georgia get second chances at love — with a photographer and rockstar to start with— and life in The Cashmere Chronicles.
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