Five Hundred Mistakes Corrected,

Five Hundred Mistakes Corrected

This book is offered to the public, not to be classed with elaborate or learned works, nor expected, like some of its more pretending companions among the offspring of the press, to run the gauntlet of literary criticism. It was prepared to meet the wants of persons--numbered by multitudes in even the most intelligent and refined communities--who from deficiency of education, or from carelessness of manner, are in the habit of misusing many of the most common words of the English language, distorting its grammatical forms, destroying its beauty, and corrupting its purity. The most thorough mode that could be adopted to correct such errors, would doubtless be to impart to the ignorant a practical knowledge of the principles of language, as embodied in treatises on grammar; but such a good work, however desirable its results, has, in time past, been too difficult for the promoters of education to complete, and is still too great to give promise of speedy accomplishment. A better expedient, bearing immediate fruits, has been adopted in the present volume, which, while it does not aim to produce a radical reform, cannot fail to render great service to those who need to improve their usual modes of expression, and to be more discriminating in their choice of words.
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Danijela Tesla
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"It is highly important, that whatever we learn or know, we should know CORRECTLY; for unless our knowledge be correct, we lose half its value and usefulness."
Carina Abello
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Farewell my friends, farewell my foes, My peace with these, my love with those."

these refers to "foes," and those to "friends."
Gabriel Alvear
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