Thomas K. Craig

Lion's Run

New York Times–Bestselling Author: A British spy goes into action when his boss is framed for treason in this “bracing thriller . . . the suspense is galvanizing” (The Wall Street Journal).
After baiting Kenneth Aubrey with a potential defector, the KGB gets their hooks in by framing Aubrey himself as a traitor—and a killer. Now the head of British intelligence is enduring house arrest and interrogation, and things look bleak.
His field agent, Patrick Hyde, is convinced someone within their own ranks must have conspired with the KGB to destroy the long-serving spymaster—and his quest to uncover the double agent will take him from Afghanistan to Czechoslovakia and into a top-secret computer system . . .
“A cloak-and-dagger grand tour . . . When it comes to keeping the story moving and stoking up the excitement, Mr. Thomas knows his business.” —The New York Times
807 printed pages
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