Thomas K. Craig

Playing with Cobras

New York Times–Bestselling Author: “Top-notch . . . Brisk action, gripping suspense and a cynical look at international politics.” —Publishers Weekly
Just as a high-level politician is on the verge of becoming India’s next prime minister, his wife is murdered—and her lover, a senior British intelligence officer, is framed for the crime. There may be more to this plot, however, than a simple jealous rage. The victim’s husband is raking in funds through illegal dealings, and when field agent Patrick Hyde is sent to India to confirm SIS suspicions of a setup, he is able to free the captured agent. But when the two of them are left without support, they will have to go on the run through several Asian countries—all while Hyde’s partner, Ros, is also caught up in the politician’s machinations and targeted for death . . .
“[A] bold loner hero . . . Enjoy, enjoy.” —Kirkus Reviews
“When it comes to keeping the story moving and stoking up the excitement, Mr. Thomas knows his business.” —The New York Times
515 printed pages
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