Thomas K. Craig

Jade Tiger

New York Times–Bestselling Author of Firefox: At the height of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall may finally fall—but who’s really pulling the strings?
Sir Kenneth Aubrey remembers Wolfgang Zimmerman from a dramatic encounter back in World War II. In the intervening decades, Zimmerman has risen to become a top advisor to the West German chancellor. Thanks to Zimmerman, the prospect of a reunified Germany is now on the horizon. Until he falls ill during an overseas trade visit and begins to babble deliriously—in Russian. That, as they say, is a definite red flag . . .
When Aubrey hears the story from a Chinese spy-turned-defector, he’s unsure whether to believe Zimmerman could be secretly working for the Soviets. To untangle the truth, he and Hyde will have to go all the way to Australia—and face down a team of killers . . .
Praise for Craig Thomas’s thrillers
“High-octane.” —Daily Express
“Will have you sweating bullets. Thomas misses no tricks, and tension is sustained from first page to last.” —The New York Times Book Review
616 printed pages
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