Ava S. King

Agent Red-Fatal Target

Teagan is used to uncovering secrets, but when she uncovers a plot that threatens to not only bring her harm but harm her family and her team as well. Making matters worse, the threat is painfully close to her.

She's in a race against time to prevent the swearing in of the next Prime Minister of Spain and biggest threat in the history of the country. As the seasoned spy struggles to regain more of her memory and put the pieces of the high-stakes election day together, she's put to the ultimate test, one that she might not survive.

Can she unravel the convoluted mess before innocents are slaughtered in a land far away?

Readinf Order of Series

Agent Red:Fatal Memory-Teagan Stone Book 1

Agent Red:Fatal Target-Teagan Stone Book 2

Agent Red:Fatal Crime-Teagan Stone Book 3

Agent Red:Fatal Justice Teagan Stone Book 4

93 printed pages
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