Thomas K. Craig


An East German officer’s defection goes fatally awry in this “adroit, densely plotted spy novel” by the New York Times–bestselling author (Publishers Weekly).
MI6’s Kenneth Aubrey is on the verge of retirement, but not before he’s tasked with extracting Kurt Winterbach, an East German intelligence officer who wants to defect—and has valuable military secrets to share. Unfortunately, things go sideways when Brigitte Winterbach, Kurt’s mother and a high-ranking official in the KGB, prevents his wife and kids from following him. Then, while attempting to flee, Kurt is fatally injured.
Aubrey has history with Brigitte, and she already blames him for the long-ago death of her father. Now she’s lost her son too—and wants revenge. But while she’s laser-focused on Aubrey, bigger wheels are turning too—and Aubrey’s adopted son, ex-Ghurka Tim Gardiner, has stumbled upon a plot in Nepal that’s made him the target of a KGB manhunt . . .
“Another sturdy, reliable thriller for Thomas’ devoted fans. The aged Aubrey is surprisingly believable as an energetic and successful spy—and there’s some pleasantly ominous South Asian scenery as well.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Explosive.” —Chicago Sun-Times
“When it comes to keeping the story moving and stoking up the excitement, Mr. Thomas knows his business.” —The New York Times
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